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fathom it?


What's in a name?  The name fathom it came from the marriage of two great passions of our founder: a love of water and a fondness of British colloquialisms!


The phrase reflects the endless possibilities that can be achieved where creativity, vision and intelligence intersect.


fathom it group is a new generation company focused on delivering disruptive intelligence based technologies to the Health Sciences industry.  Through clarity, simplicity, and thoughtful innovation, we facilitate greater efficiency fostering better outcomes for all stakeholders in the Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Industry.

Our philosophy:

Don't accept the status quo.  By constantly reevaluating, assimilating new information, looking outwards to other industries for new and innovative technologies, we strive to disrupt and find a better path forward.

Be realistic. Apply what you can today while always looking to tomorrow.  We live in an era of tremendous innovation which seems to always make the promise for a better tomorrow. We believe in evaluating tomorrow's technology and implementing elements today.  You don't have to wait to benefit from the giant leap that is promised ahead when the jump you can make today will lead to immediate benefit to you and your Clinical Trail / Clinical Research projects.


Always listen.  We believe intelligence is acquired by always listening.  To our clients, to our partners, to research subjects / research participants, to all stakeholders in Clinical Research / Clinical Trials; all impart critical data that can be leveraged to find a better path forward.

We are dedicated to making your clinical trial the most and best it can be, in whatever sized market you operate.  We can hold your hand to get you started, or manage an ongoing program in a fully outsourced model... you decide.  At whatever level of partnership, we will work with you to achieve the unfathomable!

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